Beach, plz!



It is officially August and I’ve only stepped foot on the beach ONCE this whole summer season! Clearly I don’t get out much with  my vampire skin, but I’m celebrating some big changes and needed to show off my new Sand Cloud merch in Watch Hill. If any of you are familiar with the area, you’ll know that are surrounded by beauty everywhere you go. Rhode Island has always held a special place in my heart since I was a child. I spent summers at my grandparent’s cottage each year rejoicing in everything the summertime has to offer. The memories of sandcastles, laughter, and waves will forever be with me as life goes on and seasons change.

IMG_2574I randomly stumbled upon Sand Cloud on Instagram one day and was immediately hooked on the Aloe Towel. It’s one of my favorite colors, and the detail in the design is so unique. For those of you who don’t know about Sand Cloud, they were introduced on the hit television show, Shark Tank. They donate 10% of profits to organizations that help save marine life, including beaches, oceans, and other areas. To learn more about their amazing mission and the organizations they support, click here.

In addition to towels, there is an array of different accessories and apparel designed for every marine lover out there. I purchased the Whale Tale long sleeved shirt in burgundy in a size medium, and I LOVE it!! It’s super comfy, roomy, and is one of the best sellers! Get your hands (or fins) on one today with my discount code: sarampy25 and receive 25% off of your order.



Sand Cloud is constantly adding new items to their website. My next purchase will be the Shark Bite shirt in navy! For more information on Sand Cloud, or to see additional pictures my items, check out my Instagram, or leave a comment.

Remember to #savethefishies 😉


2 thoughts on “Beach, plz!

  1. Soak up every last bit of warmth and sunshine this summer, and then you guys can just come visit us in the sunshine state! This towel is too pretty, and I love that they give back for every purchase ❤
    Green Fashionista


    1. I’d love to visit and get some frosé!


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